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Spending the time to work with you is the most rewarding investment I have ever made. And I know about investments. I came to see you because of my fear that my fianc? is with me because of how much money I have. You helped me to see things the way they really are, beyond my fears, and gave me the confidence to marry her.
It is the first time I truly 'invested' in the most valuable thing - myself! I call it investment, because I do not think we regard 'working on ourselves' as an investment. We seek help or advice only when we face a crisis. I now realize how wrong it that is, and how many problems in my life I could have avoided...thank you so much for all your help! Financial Investor, Denmark

Dr Lami I would like to thank you SO MUCH for your money seminar… it was inspiring, engaging and very empowering. I felt as if it was especially for me… I love the way you get people to think and how you harness methods from different disciplines to make something very unique. You have a very special gift, thank you for sharing it with the rest of us. With much appreciation, warmly, R. S. Business owner, Los Angles

Dr Lami, I would like everyone to know about you. You have SAVED my life! I don’t know where to start. There are so many things I would like to thank you for. My relationship with my wife has changed 180 degrees – for the better. Not only is the relationship is better, but as a result of my work with you SHE has started to look into her life and change too. The quality of my work has improved as well as my earning capacity. I have increased my income and am not afraid to ask for how much I think I deserve for my services. I used to make $100,000 per year, now I am making $250,000. My mood is much better, I am happier; you have ignited in me the spark of ‘doing’. You took someone who looked like he was alive, but inside was dead, and you brought him back to life. Musician, H. B, Beverly Hills

Very few people ever think through the reasons for how they relate to money, how it plays a part in their everyday decisions and how it plays a part throughout their lives. In the seminar I gained insights into the reasons behind my decision making about money and now I have a better awareness as to why and how I do or do not spend money the way I do. Realtor, Beverly Hills

I am grateful to Dr Lami for helping my wife and I through a challenging time in our life. We had it all on the material level, but somehow it negatively affected our relationship. We thought that money would only improve our relationship, but it did not. It presented us with other challenges we were not equipped to handle.
They say good help is hard to find, and in our case particularly (I was unfaithful), one needs the best help they can find. I feel blessed to find someone so insightful, engaging and invested in our healing and growth process. Dr Lami has done so much for us. Thank you, Producer, West Hollywood.  

I have always thought that the money my grandfather passed down to us was a blessing. This was until I got to an age when I wished to have my own control over the family money, which was tied into a trust. I will not describe the whole situation here. However, I will say that my extended family and I, have achieved our goals as a result of working with Dr Lami.
You may have heard the saying 'you never truly know something until you feel it'. Well, you taught me how to be aware of my feelings, emotions and thoughts. I have learned a way of being. A way of being that is relevant no matter what obstacles that I may encounter in my life. I came to you with what appeared to be a financial problem. You guided me through a process that brought about a change in my perception. Then you helped me find the solution by showing me how to approach it and how to work through it. As a consequence, I feel that a lot of what I do is no longer surrounded by the same degree of fear, and I can also see that my relationships with others and myself have improved. You are brilliant at what you do!" 
Attorney, New Zealand.

The topic was urgent, and the speaker so clear, modest, and insightful. To be reminded convincingly that we shouldn't equate ourselves and our dreams with money a welcome discussion. To be told so not by an ethicist or a cleric, but by a psychologist? Priceless -- Yes, I just made a pass at the MasterCard ads. It felt justified.  Entrepreneur, Los Angeles
I came to you with what appeared to be a financial problem. I lost a lot of money and did not know what to do. You guided me through a process that brought about a change in my perception. You helped me to find the solution by learning how to work through money challenges. My level of fear and anxiety has diminished. I can also see that my relationships have improved. You are brilliant at what you do! R. H., Entrepreneur, Brentwood

I had a problem with my family trust. I wanted to gain my independence. I believed taking legal actions was the only solution to the problem. But I was wrong. It has taken some time but I have managed to come to an agreement with my trustees. I believe much of it happened because of the work I did with you. Author, London

I did not believe it until I had it! I always thought money would be the solution to many of my problems. How wrong I was…. Making a great deal of money presented me with a different set of problems. It affected my relationships with family members and friends, as I started to change. Having so much money doesn’t guarantee happiness. It is the work we did together that helped me to cope with it all.  Entrepreneur, Brentwood