Sunday Express, 09 September 2001
What the media says
             HO says money  bring    happiness? Rich young men and woman may wander through life without purpose or suffer guilt at their luck.
Pools and lottery winners have to cope with the havoc that a sudden change of wealth can have on all their relationships. As well as deciding where to invest the cash.
How do they deal with jealousy or requests for handouts? Should they always puck up the bill for a round of drinks? Should they carry on working when they do not."
seriously loaded - 120 to 175 an hour. One fundamental piece of advice Lami does give is not to rush into anything.
"People should carry on much as they had been before the win. They must allow themselves a period of adjustment as they will need to adapt socially, emotionally and mentally."
Lottery operator Camelot offers a listening ear but will forward people to a professional if it feels they are not coping.

                   JANE CLINTON
need the money? Take Viv Nicholson, who in 1961 vowed she would ?spend, spend, spend? her 152,000 Pools win equivalent to 3 million today. That is just what she did until she ended up penniless 15 years later.
Wealth managers Allenbridge Group can help with windfall-worry counselling. Enlisting psychologist Ronit Lami, the Allenbridge Affluenza and Wealth service offers clients coaching and counselling on coping with the burden of wealth. The sessions are, however, only for the
Filthy rich... who needs it?


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