TV & Radio

“Next Steps After the Money is Gone”, Ringler Radio.
  Feb’ 6, 2009   2pPST, CA, USA  
“The Psychology of Money”, My expert solutions,
On Line Radio,  January 20th 2009

“The impact of money on our lives”, Professionals, TV Channel 10, May 10, 2009, Tel Aviv, Israel 

BBC radio Nottingham, 5th September 2002, 5:30PM

BBC radio 4, You&Yours, 27th August 2002, 12:00PM

CNN International, Q&A on Affluenza, 9th August 2002, 12:30 NY time

BBC1, Richard and Judy, Live, Life After Lottery, 7th February 2002

ITV, Simply Money, 14th October 2000, 7:00AM

BBC1, Kilroy, 2000

Newspapers and Magazines

WORTH MAGAZINE, “Advisor s Forum: questions and answers,
by Dr. R Lami, January, 2008.

Q U O T E Dutch Magazine, “The effects of Affluenza” by Martin van Geest, June 2005.

Families In Business Magazine, Campden Publishing, “Affluenza” by Melanie Stern, June 2004.

San Francisco Magazine, “Insider: Patient Larry E: Less Is Not More”, December 2003.

Family Business Review, 2002-2003, Family Firm Institute, Publication, USA.

Private Wealth Management, 2002-2003, Campden Publishing, London/USA.

Newstatesman, Are you suffering from Affluenza, 5 August 2002, by M Reiss.

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Dow Jones, Financial Firms Add 'Money Shrinks' To Counsel, Wealthy, 21st June 2002.

Forbes, The 400 richest, Having it All-But Needing a Grip, Annual Issue, 2001, Liegh Gallager.
Channel 4 - Teletext, January 2002
Can money buy happiness?
Sunday Mail, Mailmoney, December 30, 2001
Llfe really is tough being a millionaire, 22 November 2001
With the rich, always a little patience
The Guardian, Saturday November 10 2001
Treat the rich
Wealth Management, November 2001
Psychologist warns of years of trauma...
BusinessAge, October 2001
Heirs and graces
International Money Marketing, October 2001
The psychopathology of affluence
The Forbes, 8 October 2001
Having it all - But Needing a Grip
Sunday Express, 09 September 2001
Filthy rich...who needs it?
Hedgefund Review, August 2001
New Allenbridge service for ...
Sunday Business, 19 August 2001
Poor little rich folk
Financial Adviser, 26 July 2001
From riches to reclining couch, 18 July 2001
Allenbridge Says Cure Found for Affluenza Outbreak
Wealth Management Magazine, July 2001
The Poor Rich, 25 June 2001
Los magnates punto com, sin fortuna y deprimidos
The Sunday Times, 24 June 2001
Tycoons struggle with rapid wealth loss
Financial Times, 6/7 January 2001
Be Clued Up on Money
Financial Times, 15/16 July 2000
Affluenza: In sickness and in Wealth


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