Hedgefund Review, August 2001
What the media says
Allenbridge Group, the London performance analysts, has recruited the services of a chartered psychologist to cater for people suffering from having too much money. The Allenbridge Affluenza and Wealth Service will offer clients counselling and coaching to make the most of our wealth.               According to Allenbridge, a recent survey of Forbes Magazine's top 400 richest readers found that 37% of the sample said they were
unhappy. "Making or inheriting a large sum of money money creates emotional and social challenges" explains the head of the service.         Dr Ronit Lami said: "In some cases these may be serious anxiety or depression. But we are equally interested in providing help with the practical issues of how to manage wealth, like how to organise one's inheritance without upsetting loved ones."
    New Allenbridge service for clients

      suffering from too much money



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