Material possessions cannot replace our own innate desire for love, appreciation and acceptance”. (Wealth Founder)
What Is Affluenza?

One of the affects money, or a single minded pursuit of it, can bring, is known as Affluenza.

Affluenza at its simplest is a damaging or unbalanced relationship with money. Dr Lami describes it as:
”The negative affect money and success has on the individuals subconscious, thus manifesting itself in unbalanced relationships with oneself, others and dealings with of money and wealth”. [Lami, 2001]

What are the symptoms of Affluenza?
In individuals, the symptoms of Affluenza can include: an addiction to chaos; more is never enough; ; making money is top priority, above all else; the inability to delay gratification; using money to impress; rampage spending; and finally false sense of entitlement. All of these are combined with low self-esteem, and self worth. Affluenza is frequently accompanied by all manner of addictive and compulsive behaviors.

There is usually a positive correlation between a person’s ‘ego strength’ and their relationship with success and money. Usually the stronger and healthier the ego the healthier the relationship they have with money.
We can see the symptoms of Affluenza in those around us who have wealth or in those who are pursuing wealth, and in varying degrees within ourselves.

What is the primary cause of Affluenza?

The primary cause is an individual’s expectation that money can, should or does buy happiness. However, in today’s reality it seems that far from guaranteeing happiness it can destroy happiness, or exacerbate existing problems. All around the world, more and more people, across all socio-economic levels, buy into the ‘virus’ that money solves all problems. This ubiquitous fallacy has created a collective social denial of money-related difficulties in today’s societies.
Can it be overcome?

Yes, it can be successfully treated once it is brought out of the shadows. Treatment will help developing a healthy balance about how we feel, think and act with regard to money and our own identity.
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